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Yo! 5th anniversary

Yo!, Andre Crom, Trickski, DJ Craft, Ghanaian Stallion, Megaloh, Raw D, Thabo Getsome, Kosmonaut, Renzky, Club, Berlin, 19.10.2013

Sa. 19.10.2013 @ Kosmonaut

doors: 23:59h

It´s been a long time…
5 years ago 3 friends developed a party concept, because they were tired of the stereotype hip hop parties in Berlin. Too agressive, too mainstream, too conventional. After numerous DJs, venues and mottos, it´s time to celebrate the 5th anniversary of it´s founding. Deep and tech house on one floor and old, new, good hip hop on the other!
Yeah Baby, i like it rawwwwwwww….

Trickski (Suol)
Andre Crom (OFF)
Renzky (Clap Your Hands / Van Liebling)
Thabo Getsome (Clap Your Hands)
Murat Becker (Van Liebling)

DJ Craft (KIZ)
Ghanaian Stallion (Megaloh)

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/448027048646725/?fref=ts
VVK: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?517194

19.10.2013 | 23:59H
Wiesenweg 1-4
10365 Berlin

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