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05.07.2014  – Kosmonaut
doors: 17:00h



The more your senses are triggered by different stimuli, the stronger your emotional reactions will be. So why not combine the two most appealing sensory inputs there are: food and music!?
Inspired by the dirtybird bbqs, this concept originates in California and has now found its way to Europe.
The two food lovers, seasoned DJs and producers Sacha Robotti (Dirtybird / Klasse) and Thabo Getsome (Clap Your Hands / Suara) take a stand for this combination. Kicking off in summer at Berlin‘s young underground club Kosmonaut.

Every guest that comes before 9PM has a delicious dish included in the entrance fee….

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/556685321115879/
Resident Advisor: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?575372
Tickets: http://bit.ly/1pfqTLq

Douglas Greed (BPitch / Freude am Tanzen)
Sacha Robotti (Dirtybird)
Kevin Knapp ( Hot Creations)
Moodwax (Electornique, Thailand)
Tim Vitá ( Freude Am Tanzen)
SQIM ( Play It Down)
Thabo Getsome ( Clap Your Hands)
Ed Ed ( Moodmusic Records)
Renzky ( Van Liebling Recordings)
Kurtis van Liebling ( Van Liebling)

Beef, Ribs and Burgers by Pignut BBQ, Hirsch & Eber, Bunsmobile and many more tba…

Sa. 05. July, 5PM
Wiesenweg 1-4
10365 Berlin

Yo! w/ Tigerskin, Thabo Getsome, Ghanaian Stallion, Renzky, uvm.

Fr. 21.03.2014 @ Kosmonaut

doors: 23:59

tigerskin, thabo getsome, renzky, yo!, kosmonaut berlin, hip hop, house, club, party, 21.03.2014, funktion 1
Uuuh Baby Ich mag es roh.
Ungekochte Beatz, Leutz und Gefühlz. Las die Maske zu Hause, hier geschieht Party in seiner reinsten Form: Eine Nacht für Bootyshakes, Sizzurp und juicy Bässe.
Kommt vorbei-gecribwalked oder gedrivebyed..

TIGERSKIN aka DUB TAYLOR (suol / dirtcrew)
THABO GETSOME (clap your hands)
RENZKY (van liebling)
MURAT BECKER (technotürken)

hip hop:
DJ SKARE (remain raw)

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1391439357787147/?fref=ts
RA + VVK: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?567303

21.03.2014 | 23:59H
Wiesenweg 1-4
10365 Berlin

Silvester im Kosmonaut


Tuesday, 31. December 2013 at Kosmonaut

doors: 10 PM

Silvester, new years eve, noche vieja, ultimo dell´anno – There are many names to describe one simple thing – the biggest party of the whole year. In Berlin there is just one place to be this year, at Kosmonaut. On 4 Floors in- and outdoors some of the biggest names in house- and techno music come together to play on the great Funktion One sound system. Starting at 10 PM you will be able to gaze the fireworks at the marvellous open air area at midnight.

Be prepared for a spectacular night out and a wonderful start into 2014!!!

Resident Advisor: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?519563
Presale Online: www.remainraw.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1432977680257640/

Zombie Disco Squad (Dirtybird)
Robosonic (Off Recordings)
Monte (Jeudi)
Smash TV (Get Physical)
Alfred Heinrichs (Supdub)
Cinthie (Beste Modus)
Thabo Getsome (Clap Your Hands)
Renzky (Van Liebling)
Alexander Lorz (Proud)
Melchior Bachmann (Kalimero)
Michael Placke (Exquisite Berlin)
Helge Baumberg (Zuckertütentraum)
Fräulein Traumberg *live
Tosh Lite (Minimalspannung)

31. December, 10PM
Wiesenweg 1-4
10365 Berlin
S-U Ostkreuz

Find your Early Bird and Presale Tickets here:


Holzkopf Theaterkasse – Dunckerstraße 16, 10437 Berlin
TC Travel – Schnellerstr. 21, 12439 Berlin
Ber Ticket (S-Bhf. Friedrichsstr.) – Georgenstraße 14-18, 10117 Berlin
Kant-Kasse – Krumme Str. 55, 10627 Berlin
Reiseprofi & Theaterkasse – Damschke Str. 2, 10771 Berlin
IFW, Alexa – Grunerstr. 20, 10179 Berlin
Tick@ – Kissingenstr. 38, 13189 Berlin
Theaterkasse Karos – Achillestraße 65, 13125 Berlin
Eurotours Reisebüro – Cecilienplatz 9, 12619 Berlin
Puke Music – Samariterstr. 34a, 10247 Berlin
Kiosque Deluxe – Wrangelstr. 86, 10997 Berlin
Ticket-Max – Kastanienallee 73, 10435 Berlin
Theaterkasse Weißensee – Berliner Allee 45, 13088 Berlin
Hurricane – Hauptstraße 84a, 13158 Berlin
Theaterkasse Wilmersdorfer Arcaden – Wilmersdorferstr. 46, 10627 Berlin
Theaterkasse Eastgate – Marzahner Promenade 1A, 12679 Berlin
Theaterkasse Bernau – Börnicker Chausee 1-4, 16321 Bernau


Thabo Getsome & Renzky – Not From This World EP


Here we go with number twentyseven… After the last remix EP by Jesse Rose & Ray Okpara, it’s time for two talented young bloods again. Thabo Getsome & Renzky bring a new side to the label’s diverse house sound with their unique interpretation of modern house. Their “Not From This World EP” comes in a strong four-track-package with a massive prime time Glimpse remix of “Not From This World” and Mat.Joe’s Remix of “Waited So Long” beside the two original tracks. That should be the perfect soundtrack for your late summer!


Early Support by: Kolombo, Richie Hatwin, Robosonic, Adana Twins, Wankelmut, M.A.N.D.Y., Ame, Tensnake, Magda, Gregor Thresher, Dubfire and many more.

Check out know:

Yo! 5th anniversary

Yo!, Andre Crom, Trickski, DJ Craft, Ghanaian Stallion, Megaloh, Raw D, Thabo Getsome, Kosmonaut, Renzky, Club, Berlin, 19.10.2013

Sa. 19.10.2013 @ Kosmonaut

doors: 23:59h

It´s been a long time…
5 years ago 3 friends developed a party concept, because they were tired of the stereotype hip hop parties in Berlin. Too agressive, too mainstream, too conventional. After numerous DJs, venues and mottos, it´s time to celebrate the 5th anniversary of it´s founding. Deep and tech house on one floor and old, new, good hip hop on the other!
Yeah Baby, i like it rawwwwwwww….

Trickski (Suol)
Andre Crom (OFF)
Renzky (Clap Your Hands / Van Liebling)
Thabo Getsome (Clap Your Hands)
Murat Becker (Van Liebling)

DJ Craft (KIZ)
Ghanaian Stallion (Megaloh)

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/448027048646725/?fref=ts
VVK: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?517194

19.10.2013 | 23:59H
Wiesenweg 1-4
10365 Berlin

Lila Laune Air

Fr. 26.07.2013

Doors 18:00h

schlepp geist, open air, kosmonaut, berlin, kotelett & zadak, martin patino, red robin steve nash, bara bröst, jan mir, thabo getsome


Betrunken von wundervollen Momenten, versunken in vorzüglicher Musik, geküsst von der Sonne und vom Bass gestreichelt – So entstehst sie, die LILA LAUNE. Wenn´s am 26.07 fünfe schlägt, dann lasst den Stift fallen und tanzt mit uns ins Wochenende. Wenn ihr wollt geht’s tief in den Samstag hinein, und wenn es zu kalt wird, dann gehen wir halt rein. Bis ans Ende des Tages und durch die Nacht begleiten Kotelett & Zadak, Schlepp Geist (Live), der mit einem unvergessenen Drop die Tanzwiese eröffnete, Red Robin, der den Turm ins Wanken brachte und die Lila Familie.

Schlepp Geist *live (Underyourskin)
Martin Patino (Cadenza / Suara / Lila)
Kotelett&Zadak (Katermukke / Tonkind)
Red Robin (Watergate)
Bara Bröst (BBE / Lila)
Steve Nash (Sincopat / Lila)
Jan Mir (TOnkind / Lila)
Thabo Getsome (Clap Your Hands / Lila)
Renzky (Clap Your Hands)
Xaver Hirsch (Berlin)
Mira Lykke *live (Berlin)

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/217691621717327

VVK: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?496834

Rooftop Mondays

Every Summer Monday @ Weekend Rooftop
doors: 19:00h

weekend modays, techno, berlin, club, party open air, thabo getsome

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/515978238470387/
EARLY BIRD: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?483785

Gutes Wetter: Rooftop ab 19:00H & später auch Club!
Schlechtes Wetter: Club 23:00H


Montag, 22.Juli 2013
AMINE EDGE (CUFF / Exploited)
PATRYK MOLINARI (WellDone! Music / Exploited)
TINUSH *live* (S.F.B. Booking)
MARVIN HEY (Katermukke / Sisyphos)

Montag, 29.Juli 2013
SMASH TV (Get Physical)
HANNES FISCHER (Sonar Kollektiv / MFM)
FRESH MEAT (Berlin Mitte Institut)
PASCALE VOLTAIRE (Electric Sound Garden)

Montag, 5.August 2013

Montag, 12.August 2013
BARA BRÖST (Exploited / BBE)
GIOCOSO (Mapuberlin)

Montag, 19.August 2013
EXERCISE ONE (Exone / Cocoon)
NHAN SOLO (Mother / Off)

Montag, 26.August 2013
ANDREAS HENNEBERG (Voltage Musique / The Glitz)
THABO GETSOME (Clap Your Hands)
MELCHIOR BACHMANN (Birthday Set / Kalimero)

WEEKEND [Rooftop Open Air & Club]
Alexanderstraße 7
10178 Berlin

Einlass ab 18 Jahren / Direkt am Alexanderplatz!


Sa. 17. August 2013

Doors 23:59h

TODAY is House Music.
TODAY is Friends.
TODAY is Dancing.
TODAY is Trickski.
TODAY is Ben Mono.
TODAY is Cookies.
TODAY is the 17th of August.

Fuck Yesterday – Fuck Tomorrow.


TODAY with:

Trickski (Defected / Suol)
Ben Mono (Compost)
Thabo Getsome (Clap Your Hands)
Raw D + Friends (DBMDB)

RA: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?501197
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/531106516957113

Friedrichstr. 158 – 164  10117 Berlin
S – U Friedrichstraße


15.06.2013 @ Kosmonaut

doors 14:00h

openyeah, open air, 15.06.13, bodi bill, mat.joe, ian tricus, mario aureo, pammin, berlin, techno, house, megaloh, party, thabo getsome, kosmonaut

Bodi Bill (dj set / krakatau)
Mat.Joe (off recordings)
Mario Aureo (soulfooled)
Ian Tricus (avotre / van liebling)
pammin (mother / electronique)
Tim Vitá (freude am tanzen)
Renzky (van liebling)
Edward Ean (miteinander / van liebling)
Kurtis van Liebling (van liebling)
Thabo Getsome (remain raw)
Henk (clap your hands)
Steven Strahl (daseinsfreude)
Sven Teet (dlr)
Kim Evergreen (luxemburg)
Dädalus (zweisam)
Giocoso (mapuberlin)
Toshlite (techno-könig)
12inchRev2.0 (dlr)
Ghanaian Stallion (megaloh)
Raw D (der bass macht den beat)

Visuals by Karges Land
BBQ by Chopbar

In Mitten der grauen Wüste lockt eine urbane Oase alle Großstadttiere um für einen Tag und eine Nacht zu verweilen. Die Oase wird zum Tummelplatz des Lebens. Eine Anlaufstation für alle Tiger, Giraffen, Krokodile und Flamingos. Hier gibt es alles an was es in der Großstadtwüste mangelt: Musik, Tanz, Spiel, Licht, Essen und Trinken.

…und alle so YEAH

EARLY BIRD: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?460821

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/events/429330210491833

14:00H – 14:00H
10365 Berlin

bei schlechtem Wetter findet die Veranstaltung Indoor ab 23:00h statt