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Thaboom – Open Air & Indoor


„Now let me hear you say Boom, Boom, Bomm, now let me hear you say Thabo…. Thabo“. Birthday boy Thabo Getsome invites a couple of friends and fellow DJs to celebrate his birthday. Birthday parties go wild, birthday parties go crazy, so let it be.

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RVSP: https://goo.gl/LslIAS
Tickets: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?659299

Mat.Joe (Material / Hot Creations)
Cesare vs Disorder (Vakant / Serialism / BPitch)
Emanuel Satie (Get Physical / Avotre)
sacha.robotti.music (Dirtybird)
Martin Patiño (Cadenza, Rotary Cocktail)
Marcel Knopf (Clap Your Hands)
Renzky (Van Liebling)
Jack in the Box (Save Room / NewSpeak)
Petrarca Eugenio (Roma)
Si Heslin (Electronique UK)
Boogiemann (Finow Zoo)

and birthdayboy Thabo Getsome (DFTD / Suara)

13.06.2015, 23:00h
Kosmonaut, Wiesenweg 1-4, 10365 Berlin

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