We make sure everything remains raw

pau_se w/ Paul Woolford, Jasper James, Mr. Tophat


Th 25th may 2017, 4PM @ Ipse

Being open to different types of music and not being limited by any boarders of genres is the key concept of pau_se. Our excitement for music is the driving force behind this event.
We wanna set up an environment where our guests can take their time to enjoy music without the restriction of time and place.


Paul Woolford
Jasper James
Mr. Tophat
Brame & Hamo
Black Loops
pau_se soundsystem

FB: bit.ly/fb_pau_se
RA / Tickets: bit.ly/ra_pau_se

open air & warehouse
25.05.2017, 16h (in case of rain 11pm)
IPSE, Vor dem Schlesischen Tor 2, 10997 Berlin


Home Again w/ Reboot, Luna City Express (NW), youANDme


21.04.2017, 23:59h
Ritter Butzke, Ritters. 26, 10969 Berlin

Reboot (Noon/Cocoon)
Luna City Express (Norman/Moon Harbour)
youANDme (Desolat/Poker Flat)
Thabo Getsome (Defected/Lapsus)
K.E.E.N.E. (Get Physical/Cacao)
Distale (Upon You)
Renzky (Lapsus)


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Home is where your house is
Home is where your family lives
Home is where your friends hang out
Home is where your music plays
Home is where you dance all night

“home again” is not just one, but all of these. It’s a night where you can listen to your best friends´ tunes. Where you can make out with your high school sweetheart. Where you can top that by having a sandwich like your Dad likes them in the garden or drinking punch almost as good as your Mom´s at the bar.

Home is where your story begins.

Thaboom – Open Air & Indoor


„Now let me hear you say Boom, Boom, Bomm, now let me hear you say Thabo…. Thabo“. Birthday boy Thabo Getsome invites a couple of friends and fellow DJs to celebrate his birthday. Birthday parties go wild, birthday parties go crazy, so let it be.

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RVSP: https://goo.gl/LslIAS
Tickets: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?659299

Mat.Joe (Material / Hot Creations)
Cesare vs Disorder (Vakant / Serialism / BPitch)
Emanuel Satie (Get Physical / Avotre)
sacha.robotti.music (Dirtybird)
Martin Patiño (Cadenza, Rotary Cocktail)
Marcel Knopf (Clap Your Hands)
Renzky (Van Liebling)
Jack in the Box (Save Room / NewSpeak)
Petrarca Eugenio (Roma)
Si Heslin (Electronique UK)
Boogiemann (Finow Zoo)

and birthdayboy Thabo Getsome (DFTD / Suara)

13.06.2015, 23:00h
Kosmonaut, Wiesenweg 1-4, 10365 Berlin


15.06.2013 @ Kosmonaut

doors 14:00h

openyeah, open air, 15.06.13, bodi bill, mat.joe, ian tricus, mario aureo, pammin, berlin, techno, house, megaloh, party, thabo getsome, kosmonaut

Bodi Bill (dj set / krakatau)
Mat.Joe (off recordings)
Mario Aureo (soulfooled)
Ian Tricus (avotre / van liebling)
pammin (mother / electronique)
Tim Vitá (freude am tanzen)
Renzky (van liebling)
Edward Ean (miteinander / van liebling)
Kurtis van Liebling (van liebling)
Thabo Getsome (remain raw)
Henk (clap your hands)
Steven Strahl (daseinsfreude)
Sven Teet (dlr)
Kim Evergreen (luxemburg)
Dädalus (zweisam)
Giocoso (mapuberlin)
Toshlite (techno-könig)
12inchRev2.0 (dlr)
Ghanaian Stallion (megaloh)
Raw D (der bass macht den beat)

Visuals by Karges Land
BBQ by Chopbar

In Mitten der grauen Wüste lockt eine urbane Oase alle Großstadttiere um für einen Tag und eine Nacht zu verweilen. Die Oase wird zum Tummelplatz des Lebens. Eine Anlaufstation für alle Tiger, Giraffen, Krokodile und Flamingos. Hier gibt es alles an was es in der Großstadtwüste mangelt: Musik, Tanz, Spiel, Licht, Essen und Trinken.

…und alle so YEAH

EARLY BIRD: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?460821

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/events/429330210491833

14:00H – 14:00H
10365 Berlin

bei schlechtem Wetter findet die Veranstaltung Indoor ab 23:00h statt