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pau_se w/ Mall Grab, Soundstream & more


August 27th, 2 PM
IPSE, Vor dem Schlesischen Tor 2

Mall Grab
Brame & Hamo
Black Loops
pau_se soundsystem
Rudolph Beuys

Being open to different types of music and not being limited by any boarders of genres is the key concept of pau_se. Our excitement for music is the driving force behind this event.
We wanna set up an environment where our guests can take their time to enjoy music without the restriction of time and place.

play the music. break the cycle. pau_se the moment.

pau_se w/ Paul Woolford, Jasper James, Mr. Tophat


Th 25th may 2017, 4PM @ Ipse

Being open to different types of music and not being limited by any boarders of genres is the key concept of pau_se. Our excitement for music is the driving force behind this event.
We wanna set up an environment where our guests can take their time to enjoy music without the restriction of time and place.


Paul Woolford
Jasper James
Mr. Tophat
Brame & Hamo
Black Loops
pau_se soundsystem

FB: bit.ly/fb_pau_se
RA / Tickets: bit.ly/ra_pau_se

open air & warehouse
25.05.2017, 16h (in case of rain 11pm)
IPSE, Vor dem Schlesischen Tor 2, 10997 Berlin


Home Again w/ Reboot, Luna City Express (NW), youANDme


21.04.2017, 23:59h
Ritter Butzke, Ritters. 26, 10969 Berlin

Reboot (Noon/Cocoon)
Luna City Express (Norman/Moon Harbour)
youANDme (Desolat/Poker Flat)
Thabo Getsome (Defected/Lapsus)
K.E.E.N.E. (Get Physical/Cacao)
Distale (Upon You)
Renzky (Lapsus)


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Home is where your house is
Home is where your family lives
Home is where your friends hang out
Home is where your music plays
Home is where you dance all night

“home again” is not just one, but all of these. It’s a night where you can listen to your best friends´ tunes. Where you can make out with your high school sweetheart. Where you can top that by having a sandwich like your Dad likes them in the garden or drinking punch almost as good as your Mom´s at the bar.

Home is where your story begins.

Home Again w/ Dubspeeka, Kevin Knapp, uvm.

Fr., 21.10.2016, 23:59

Ritter Butzke, Ritter Str. 24, 10969 Berlin

Ritter Butzke Frame_HOMEAGAIN_oktober

⤊ ⤊ ⤊ LINE-UP ⤊ ⤊ ⤊
> dubspeeka (Drumcode / Truesoul
> Kevin Knapp (Hot Creations / Gruuv)
> Michael Bibi (Solid. Grooves)
> Thabo Getsome (LAPSUS MUSIC / Suara)
> Distale (Paso Music / Fomenta)
> MadLou (OfMan&Wolf)
> Melina (Untitled Records)
> Renzky (Lapsus)
> Michael Stach (Clap Your Hands)

⤊ ⤊ ⤊ INFO ⤊ ⤊ ⤊
(see English version below)

„Home again“, vereint all das und wir setzen noch Einen oben drauf: Zuhause ist, wo du sein kannst wie du willst! Also schneit vorbei, ob in eurer Lieblingsjoggers oder einem Vintage-Kleid von Versace. Wie wir alle noch aus dem Sachkunde-Unterricht wissen, werden Monokulturen sowieso bloß von Schädlingen befallen – die Natur will, dass wir uns durchmischen! Und ein paar Dinge verbinden uns dann doch alle: Wer mag nicht das Gefühl Heim zu kommen? Dahin, wo deine besten Freunde auflegen oder du mit deiner alten Flamme aus der Schulzeit rumknutschen kannst?

Nach der Premiere im Juli freuen wir uns nun auf die Fortsetzung! Für ein amtliches Home-Coming bringt Strippenzieher Thabo Getsome zwei ziemlich dicke Fische von der Insel mit: Dubspeeka aus Bristol gibt sonst eher im Berghain die Ehre, bei diesem Berlin-Besuch kommt er in unser warmes Nest.

MichaelBibi gehört seit Jahren zum Inventar der Londoner Underground-Szene – sowohl hinter als auch vor den Decks. Als designierter “genereal party boy” weiß der Mann, was eine gute Party ausmacht und nutz sein Profi-Ravertum seit Jahren, um europaweit die Tanzflächen abzufackeln.

Zuhause ist, wo dein Haus steht
Zuhause ist, wo deine Familie lebt
Zuhause ist, wo deine Freunde sind
Zuhause ist, wo deine Musik läuft
Zuhause ist, wo du dir die Nacht um die Ohren schlägst

// EN
Dance in your „one night home“ through kitchen, living room and garden. Drink moms favorite punch or have one of daddy´s best sandwiches in the garden. A night where you listen to your best friends tunes and make out with your high school love. Finally, home again.

Home is where your house is.
Home is where your friends are.
Home is where your music plays.
Home is where your story begins.

⤊ ⤊ ⤊ TICKETS ⤊ ⤊ ⤊
RA: http://bit.ly/2caiIlg


Clap Your Hands Boat w/ Radio Slave, Dense & Pika, Dubspeeka

June 16th 2016Sonar_Boatparty_CYH_dubspeeka

OFF SONAR, Barcelona

Radio Slave (Official) (Rekids)
Dense & Pika (Hotflush / Drumcode)
dubspeeka (Drumcode / Truesoul)
Robosonic (Cord / Get Physical)
Thabo Getsome (Clap Your Hands / Suara)
Marcel Knopf (Clap Your Hands)
David Medina (Ole)

Early Bird Tickets: http://bit.ly/244SdkG


Clap Your Hands sets sail for a unique boat cruise during this years Off Week in Barcelona. CYH is a Berlin based label with a rough and modern approach to house. Their Berlin underground parties are held at venues like Ipse or Tresor. For the first Barcelona edition they chartered an amazing yacht and invited the scene´s créme de la créme with Radio Slave, Dense & Pika, Dubspeeka, Robosonic and David Medina besides the CYH chiefs Thabo Getsome and Marcel Knopf.

Come on board for an intimate one in a lifetime experience. Dance on this unique, fully Void Audio equipped boat on two floors from sunny house grooves and deeper techno vibes into sunset.


Clap Your Hands zarpan en dirección a Barcelona durante su Off Week con un espectacular viaje en barco. CYH, un sello discográfico con sede en Berlín, muestran el enfoque moderno y áspero de la música house, con fiestas underground en salas como Ipse o Tresor. Para su primera edición en Barcelona, CYH han alquilado un yate de lujo, al que han invitado a la créme de la créme de la industria: Radio Slave, Dense & Pika, Dubspeeka, Robosonic y David Medina, además de los jefes de CYH, Thabo Getsome y Marcel Knopf.

Súbete a bordo y disfruta de esta experiencia única. Podrás elegir entre nuestras dos salas completamente equipadas con Void Audio si deseas moverte al ritmo de un house efervecente y de un techno con timbres más graves. ¡Ven a bailar hasta el atardecer!

June, 16th, 5pm – 10pm

Boarding is at 4.30pm at the Port Marina Badalona.


Thaboom w/ Nightmares On Wax, Mat.Joe, Emanuel Satie and many more

12. June 2016


IPSE, 14h


It´s our birthday and all we wish for is a great party. With the music we like and the people we love. We go from a smoove open air with some BBQ and of course the stream from the Germany – Ukraine game, to banging beats in the warehouse. From day ´til night ´til tomorrow never.

Early Birds: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?797214

Nightmares On Wax (DJ Set)
Mat.Joe (Hot Trax / Mother)
Emanuel Satie (Get Physical / Snatch)
HRRSN *live (Noir)
Marcel Knopf (Clap Your Hands)
Distale (Clap Your Hands)
Renzky (Lapsus, Clap Your Hands)
Braunbeck (o_rs)
Jack in the Box (Save Room)
Si Heslin (Electronique)
Rudolph Beuys (Beatrausch)

+ the birthday kids meggy & Thabo Getsome

BBQ / Open Air / Warehouse / Stream Germany – Ukraine

Sunday 12.06.2015, 14h
IPSE, Vor dem Schlesischen Tor 2b, 10997 Berlin

BE-AT.TV Presents

21.01.2015, 20.30h, Ipse, Vor dem Schlesischen Tor 2b, 10997 Berlin

BE-AT.TV Presents…is back for their first guest-list only party of 2016, taking place at IPSE’s newly renovated main room in Berlin. 
There is a very limited amount of guest-list available for this event. 
Please RSVP if you would like to attend: http://eepurl.com/bL6kGv
Watch live: http://bit.ly/1Pr2pu5……
This week the focus is on booking and promotion agency (as well as a record label), Lessizmore. Created by Fuse resident DJ Pierre and Jessica Bossuyt back in October 2005 the collective are well known for their quality techno parties across Europe and a slew of great record releases from San Proper, Frivolous, Robag Wruhme and more. 

This time around, they invite two staples of the agency; Italian born, Berlin-based, Alex Picone and stripped-back, minimal house producer, Fernando Costantini. Playing alongside are two long-standing friends and affiliates; the inimitable Anthea and Spacetravel - the new soundscape project from Luca Cara. 

Anthea: https://soundcloud.com/anthea-marie
Fernando Costantini: https://soundcloud.com/fernandocostantini
Spacetravel: https://soundcloud.com/spacetravel-2
Alex Picone: https://soundcloud.com/alex-picone

Thaboom – Open Air & Indoor


„Now let me hear you say Boom, Boom, Bomm, now let me hear you say Thabo…. Thabo“. Birthday boy Thabo Getsome invites a couple of friends and fellow DJs to celebrate his birthday. Birthday parties go wild, birthday parties go crazy, so let it be.

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RVSP: https://goo.gl/LslIAS
Tickets: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?659299

Mat.Joe (Material / Hot Creations)
Cesare vs Disorder (Vakant / Serialism / BPitch)
Emanuel Satie (Get Physical / Avotre)
sacha.robotti.music (Dirtybird)
Martin Patiño (Cadenza, Rotary Cocktail)
Marcel Knopf (Clap Your Hands)
Renzky (Van Liebling)
Jack in the Box (Save Room / NewSpeak)
Petrarca Eugenio (Roma)
Si Heslin (Electronique UK)
Boogiemann (Finow Zoo)

and birthdayboy Thabo Getsome (DFTD / Suara)

13.06.2015, 23:00h
Kosmonaut, Wiesenweg 1-4, 10365 Berlin

OUT NOW: Robosonic & Thabo Getsome – Juicy EP (DFTD)

Bildschirmfoto 2015-04-20 um 12.39.58

Beatport: defct.de/JuicyBP
Traxsource: defct.de/JuicyTS
DStore: defct.de/JuicyDS
Soundcloud: defct.de/JuicySC

German duo Robosonic have established themselves across the international scene as DJs and producers with a multidimensional electronic sound, receiving recognition from huge artists like Joris Voorn and Sven Vath, and we are very proud to welcome them on DFTD with their ‘Juicy EP’. Alongside them for the title track is Thabo Getsome. Having released on labels like Suara, King Street Sounds and Electronique Nu, it’s hard to believe Thabo Getsome came late into the dance music game, with his musical roots being in Hip Hop and Reggae. ‘Juicy’ is a deep club track designed for a dancefloor whereas ‘Busted’, despite its dance quality, is darker and more unusual.

Awesome support by Carl Craig, DJ T., Shadow Child, Maxxi Soundsystem, Benoit & Sergio, Tapesh, Sven Tasnadi(Fan Page), RIVA STARR, Pirupa, Shiba San, Low Steppa

Karneval der Kulturen 2015 gerettet

Es ist geschafft! Der KDK 2015 ist gerettet. Veranstalter und Stadt konnten sich endlich einigen und so steht dem Karneval der Kulturen nichts mehr im Wege. Diese späte Zusage hat natürlich auch Konsequenzen für die vielen Wagen, Tänzer, Musiker und und und.. Alle arbeiten jetzt mit Hochdruck an der Verwirklichung ihres persönlichen Karnevals.

Auch Freunde der elektronischen Musik werden sich dieses Jahr Jahr nicht stiefmütterlich behandelt fühlen, neben diversen Wagen wird es auch wieder eine unglaubliche Aftershowparty im Suicide Circus mit Acts wie Umami, Empro und vielen mehr geben.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/758594794232584/

Tickets gibt es hier: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?675813

Bildschirmfoto 2015-02-04 um 21.28.32